January 26 - 2007
- I've added a few (8) new 'Nominee' buttons on the Codes Page, made by OC-Orange. January 18 - 2007
- New affiliate, Broken (CelticKisses Fanfiction & Artwork.)

January 13 - 2007
- The same stories are 'nominated everytime' because people nominate them every Round. Everyone is free to nominate any and all stories, provided they are D/Hr, hasn't previously won in the category you're trying to nominate it into and it was not written by the person doing the nomination. The story might never make it to the nominees page for one reason or another, but I assure you, I do not exclude nominated stories because I haven't read them, or for any personal dislike of the author/story. If you feel that there are a lot of stories that don't get a lot of recognition and you'd like to see them nominated, nominate them.

December 28 - 2006
- Nominating is now open again, finally. Please take a moment to read through the Rules before Nominating.
- I'd like to take a moment to thank RoBoC for helping me with the Nominating form (read: do everything but the colours).
- Some of you might've noticed the slight change in address. Not to fret, it's there simply for my FTP benefit. No need to change any links or bookmarks on your part.