Rules of Nominating

1. Dramione Fics. Fics with other pairings in it are welcome, as long as Draco/Hermione is the main pairing. I would prefer it if the stories nominated are stories in which Draco and Hermione aren't together with someone else, however brief. This Award site is for Draco/Hermione fiction after all. However, if you feel the need to nominate a story in which Draco and/or Hermione are together with someone else, you have to put that/those pairing/s in the Warnings field.

2. Authors CAN NOT nominate their own stories. (That's right.) The whole point of this is for the readers to nominate the stories they feel deserve it. I've had one too many Authors nominate themselves in the ''Where Did That Come From Award" and "Why Didn't I Think Of That Award" than I'd like. I mean, come on you know where it came from - your head. You thought about it, hence it being in your story.

3. Authors CAN be have the same story nominated in three different categories, in the same Round.

4. Authors CAN NOT have more than three fics nominated in each Round.

5. Authors CAN NOT have more than one story nominated in the same category.

6. A story CAN NOT be nominated in a category they've previously won in. That includes Runner Up. Judges Choice Awards and Readers Choice Awards winners DON'T count.

7. If a story has been nominated in two Rounds (even if it didn't win) it CAN NOT be nominated in the same categories as before. Why? Because how much fun is it to have the same fics in every Round? Also, because I say so. So please don't forget to view the Past Nominees to make you're not nominating a story that's already been there twice before.

8. Please check spelling and grammar. The story won't stand much of a chance if its badly written, no matter how good the plot is or how good a friend the Author is to you. Please don't clutter up my Nominees page with badly written fics okay?

9. When you nominate a fic, and you know that the fic is hosted at more than once place, please use the most reliable url.

10. A valid email address is required. If I can't contact the Author, the story won't be nominated. That means that, if the Author don't get back to me before the Nominating time is over/the categories it was nominated in has filled up, I'll remove it from the 'Pending' and repace it with the next story on the list. Might be harsh, but I've had this problem in previous Rounds. Seriously, I will remove the story. So, make sure the email is valid. How you can do that? Email the Author with a nice review and ask him/her to get back to you as soon as possible. Or something. Just make sure it works.

11. There has to be at least four fics nominated in a category. If the nomination period ends and there's a category with less than four stories in it, the stories nominated will automatically end up in the next Round.

12. If you have a site of some kind (lj, and profiles are good too), feel more than free to link back here. You can find a button HERE. Please link back to

13. WIPs are only allowed if the author is actively working on them. The story has to have been updated in the past 6 months. WIP's ARE ALLOWED in the following categories; Blast From The Past, Only Time Will Tell, Insufferable Know-It-All, Pure Blooded Prat, Pitter Patter, Sweetest Kisses, Want. Take. Have, Where Did That Come From & Why Didn't I Think Of That.

14. WIP's ARE NOT ALLOWED in the following categories; Baby Steps, Cotton Candy, Future Imperfect, Good Things Come In Small Packages, I'm Under Your Spell, I Never Really Loved You Anyway, I See You In My Dreams, Long Way Home & Once Upon A Time. PLEASE DON'T NOMINATE WIP's IN THOSE CATEGORIES.

15. Don't forget to check the NOMINEES before you nominate, just in case.

16. So that I know you've read the rules, please write Liaisons in the Have You Read The Rules? field. 'Yes' won't get the nomination anywhere but trashed.

17. And finally, its not a Rule, but it'd be nice if you tagged the board. I've had a lot of people nominating fics (a lot of fics), voting or simply just viewing the site but never say a word. If you're already here, why not take a moment to say hi? I won't bite....hard. :P

18. Added - If you still have questions, feel free to email, tag or IM me. Just, be nice about it okay? I do have a life outside this site you know. :P

19. NEW CATEGORY; The Sweetest Kisses Award. Some of you may recognise the name of the Award, as it was the one I used for The Best Kiss. When I decided to have a Best First Kiss Award, I couldn't think of another name - and I liked the first one. I hope no one minds me recycling it. So, in this category, Draco and Hermione can kiss quite a lot - they can even shag - as long as its the first time that they kiss.