Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the stories?
All stories can be found on the CURRENT NOMINEES page as well as the PAST NOMINEES page.

2. Can I suggest a new category?
If you feel like it sure, but at the moment, I have no intentions of adding any new categories. But, if you do want to suggest a new category, please don't say "You should have this and this category and call it this and this." Because trust me, I won't.

3. How do I nominate?
It's quite easy, just read THE RULES and then check the NOMINATE page and fill out the form. You should have no trouble.

4. How do I vote/Why can't I vote?
It's even easier to vote than to nominate. Just read the Guidelines, and you should be fine. However, every other Round, I have Judges, and you will only be able to vote in the Readers Pick Award.

5. How do I become a Judge?
If you're over 17, love D/Hr fics and have some time to spare, feel more than free to EMAIL ME. You may have to wait though, depending on when you email me.

6. What's a Readers Pick/Judges Choice Award?
A Readers Pick Award is for the top five stories that the readers vote for, during my Judges Rounds. This is so that its not just the Judges picking the winning stories. A Judges Choice Award is an award that every Judge can give out if he/she wants to, to any of the stories nominated. There's a certain amount of categories you have to read in order to give it out.

7. When's the next Round starting/ending?

8. The site is looking odd in my preferred browser, what's up with that?
I don't know. Please EMAIL ME and let me know what browser you're using, and I'll see what I can do about fixing it.

9. I have a D/Hr or HP site, want to affiliate/link me?
Sure. EMAIL ME and we'll talk.

10. Why do you work alone?
Because I'm insane.

11. I can't see one of the pages properly/I can't open one of the pages. What should I do?
EMAIL ME. Most of the time, I'll end up sending you a direct link to the page, which has so far seemed to be working.

12. Do you need someone making awards/banners/buttons/anything art-y for the site?
Always. EMAIL ME.

13. I nominated a story the other day but its not up yet. What gives?
The author has to reply to his/her nomination email before I put the nomination(s) up on the site. That usually takes more than just a few days. I also update the nominees in batches, rather than one at a time. If there's nothing wrong with the nomination and the author wants to be nominated, it will be posted. Otherwise, it'll be trashed.

I hope that answered some questions. I'll add to this when/if I get more. In conclusion, EMAIL ME if there's something you're wondering that's not answered above.